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If you’d like to make a suggestion, please use the form below and send us as much information as possible.

We aim to consult residents as much as possible about the services we provide and involve them in improving them where possible.

If you have ideas you would like us to consider, then our resident suggestion scheme is one way you can do it. Good ideas are always welcome, so if you can think of a way we could improve our service then please do complete the form below.

Suggestions might include:
  • Ways to improve services
  • Saving money
  • Energy
  • Reducing waste
  • Cutting costs

Whatever your suggestion, it should benefit as many people as possible rather than just one or two.

Every suggestion will be considered initially by the Chief Executive and then by the Board. If your idea is adopted the Chief Executive will write to you and £25 is paid for all suggestions put into practice.

Suggestion Form