Have Your Say

We believe that involving residents in the way Radcliffe is run helps us to provide you with the best possible service.

Board Membership

Resident Board members are in an ideal position to help us make the right decisions about the direction of the Society. We have had resident representation on the Board since 1992 and we strongly encourage residents to apply for membership when vacancies arise.

Tenants Panel

We want to make sure that our services meet the needs of our customers, and are as efficient and effective as possible.

We have a panel of tenants who have volunteered to give their views on proposals we have and to give feedback on our services. We get in touch by phone or email to get the panels opinions on proposals.

We welcome new members of the Panel. Please contact your Housing Manager via email at housing@radcliffehs.org

Residents Meetings

When there are important issues for all residents to consider we may call an open meeting in your area. We regularly do this at our Sheltered Schemes at Lloyd House and St Andrews House. We find the input from these meetings very valuable.

Residents Groups

We encourage the setting up of Residents Groups. These enable you to discuss issues you are concerned about, such as improvements to your home and neighbourhood and crime prevention. To support a Group we will:

  • Attend any meetings we are invited to and feedback your views to the Board
  • Provide administrative support like printing & copying newsletters
  • Contribute to the cost of hall hire and other expenses

Consulting Tenants

Every three years we carry out a comprehensive satisfaction survey to find out your views on the organisation.

We will consult you before carrying out major repair works and ask you for your views once they are complete. We will also consult you before changing the services we provide you with when that may have an impact on your service charge.

Residents Suggestion Scheme

We aim to consult residents as much as possible about the services we provide and involve them in improving them where possible.

If you have something you would like us to consider, then our resident suggestion scheme is one way you can do it. We always welcome good ideas, so if you can think of a way we could improve our service then please send it to us for the attention of the Chief Executive.

Suggestions could cover any of the following:
  • Ways we could improve the services we provide
  • New services we could offer
  • Ways of saving money, energy, reducing waste, our costs etc
  • Any other good ideas you have
Whatever your suggestion, it should aim to benefit as many people as possible rather than just one or two.
  • Every suggestion will be considered initially by the Chief Executive and then by the Board. The Board will weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of putting your suggestions into practice
  • The Chief Executive will write to you personally
  • £25 will be given for all suggestions put into practice
How to put forward suggestions:

Write, text or email us stating “Resident Suggestion Scheme” with the proposal. Text, email and our postal address can be found here

My Tenancy – Checking your Radcliffe information online

You can find out the situation with your rent balance, repair orders and the contact details we hold by logging into www.mytenancy.co.uk.

For your log-in details, contact your Housing Manager via email at housing@radcliffehs.org

Customer Care

Radcliffe makes the following commitment to our customers.

We train our staff to ensure they treat our customers in a sensitive and appropriate way and hold staff to a high standard, we review the impact of the decisions we make to ensure that outcomes are fair and provide services that will support our tenants in high quality homes. We will take reports of harassment or discrimination very seriously, investigate and take any necessary action.

If you have any concerns that we may not have maintained the highest standards or have suggestions as to how we can improve please let us know.

For further information, please contact us here.