September 23rd, 2016

St Vincent’s Family HA transfers to Radcliffe HS

Founded in 1965, St Vincent’s Family HA has announced a transfer of engagements to Radcliffe Housing Society.

The transfer of the 42 tenancies located in south London, Sevenoaks and Hastings took place on 14th September 2016. Radcliffe now has 358 rented homes and plans to start building new homes in 2017.

Both associations were founded over 50 years ago. A business relationship has existed since 2009 when Radcliffe started providing a maintenance service to SVFHA’s Sevenoaks properties.

Nick Melling, the Chairman of Radcliffe HS said;

We are delighted that Radcliffe HS has been selected by St Vincent’s FHA as the future landlord. We look forward to providing our new tenants with the high level of service that Radcliffe’s tenants enjoy and to use our combined assets to build our first new homes in over 5 years’.

Peter Taylor, the Chairman of St Vincent’s FHA said:

Our Committee decided in 2015, due to the increasing pressures on small voluntary run organisations to transfer. We are confident that our tenants will continue to receive a good supportive service and that new housing will emerge. After 52 years we consider this a positive move.

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