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RHS resident chosen for Lidl opening

By 8th December 2020News

We were delighted that our resident, Doreen was specifically invited by the Lidl management to cut the ribbon, at the unveiling of the new Lidl store which opened on 26th November 2020 in Burnt Ash Lane, Bromley. Doreen was accompanied by our Independent Living Officer, Jennifer Lyston, who confirmed it was a wonderful opportunity for Doreen and a fantastic chance to be part of this amazing morning.

The new store will be providing customer donations and surplus food to a number of charities in Bromley. Surplus food will be donated to Downderry Children and Family Centre, The Anchor of Love ltd, Downham Mutual Aid and Connecting Communities, all of whom aim to ensure families have full access to good nutritional foods. This is delivered through Lidl’s Feed it Back scheme, which is run in partnership with Neighbourly and connects Lidl stores up and down the country with local charities, foodbanks, community cafes and kitchens, putting quality food surplus to good use every day.

We were grateful to be involved in supporting and investment in our local communities. Thank you to Lidl for making Doreen’s’ moment of the year and creating an everlasting impression on her.