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Market Rented Properties

We own 8 Market Rented properties based in Tunbridge Wells.

These flats are let on a commercial basis to applicants who have good references for tenancy conduct and are able to demonstrate that the monthly rent is within their means. A payment of the deposit (equivalent to one months rent) secures the flat subject to satisfactory references.

 A waiting list is held for those expressing an interest in these homes. However, given the high level of turnover in the private rented sector, applicants will often have moved on by the time a vacancy arises. If it has not been possible to fill a vacancy from our waiting list, then applicants are sought through local estate agents.

Viewings are arranged by our Customer Services Officer, and if an applicant expresses an interest, you will be asked to complete our housing application form.

Social Housing Properties

If you’re not a current Radcliffe Housing Society tenant and you want to live in one of our social housing homes, you’ll first need to contact your Local Authority. Most Local Councils have their own waiting list, and you’ll need to apply to be registered to join their Housing Register. To find out how to contact your LA, click here.

Once you’ve done so, and assuming your application is successful, you’ll then be able to apply for any available social housing homes (including ours).

To join our waiting list and rent one of our homes, the eligible criteria is:

  • Be over 18 years old (or over 16 in exceptional circumstances, with an adult guarantor to hold the tenancy in trust for you)
  • Be able to pay the rent, including being able and willing to pay rent in advance, and have evidence of your income (including earnings and benefits) and savings
  • Pass a Right to Rent check (unless you have been nominated by the local authority who will have checked your immigration status). The “Right to Rent” check confirms that your immigration status allows us to consider you for housing.
  • Meet the household criteria for the size and type of home
  • Pass any affordability checks we carry out
  • Not be in breach of a previous tenancy or occupancy agreement or have behaved unacceptably, for example failure to pay rent or anti-social behaviour
  • Not have access to, or an interest in, any other home you could live in
  • Agree for us to undertake, and to pass credit references and fraud checks where required
  • Meet our Independent Living or Market Rent tenancy criteria
  • Have the required support, mentally or physically, in place to be able to manage your home and / or tenancy
  • Not pose an unmanageable risk to our employees or residents

You will need to complete our housing application form, and fully check your eligibility.

Assessments on receipt of all applications are based on the household’s current circumstances. Each application will be placed within one of our priority bands in date order. The ‘priority’ or ‘band’ date used, will usually be either the application date or the date on which the current level of housing need began, whichever is later.

If successful, your banding will be assessed in line with the following:


If you’re already a Radcliffe Housing Society tenant

We have a limited number of properties available to our own tenants who wish to transfer to another home within our stock. If you wish to apply for an internal transfer, please contact us for an application form.

You must not have any arrears to be considered for a transfer and all applications are subject to affordability checks. We will not normally accept applicants or households who have a combined annual income of £60,000 or more, before tax, this will include income generated from employment and/or benefits. In the case of savings or capital we will not normally include on our waiting or transfer lists, applicants or households who have combined savings or capital of £30,000 or more.


Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange is when residents in social housing obtain written consent from their landlord to swap homes with other social housing residents.

Mutual exchanges can take place between two or more properties and, can be between the same, or different landlords. This option gives you the flexibility of moving anywhere across the UK and is normally the quickest option if you’re looking to move home.

Applicants take on the responsibilities and any issues from the resident they’re exchanging with.

Should you wish to apply for a Mutual Exchange, please register your details on (if you haven’t already done so). After we have approved your account, you will have the ability to apply for an exchange directly through the website.

Your tenancy agreement will outline your rights on mutual exchange. There may be some reasons as to why you’re unable to mutual exchange. We ask your rent is paid in full and up to date before we approve your mutual exchange. If you owe rent, we will discuss repayment as part of your exchange.

Once you’ve found your mutual exchange partner, then contact us for permission so we can legally allow you to swap.

Other ways of moving home

There are several other ways if you wish to move home.

Registering with your local Authority

Seaside & Country Homes

Buying a home through a scheme such as Shared Ownership

Renting Privately

Ending your tenancy

We understand that moving home can be a stressful time for all involved and we will do what we can to ensure the process is straight forward.

We can provide you with all you need to know about ending your tenancy, and if you have any questions on this, please get in touch.

If you need help in your application or you have any queries about moving home, we would be happy to visit you at home, or online. Alternatively, contact us on 01732 459144 or email at

Privacy Notice

Radcliffe Housing Society Ltd is a Registered Social Landlord and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Controller under the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

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