Rent is due monthly on the 1st day of each month and must be paid in advance or your account will be in arrears.

Your Rent Explained

Rent is the money you pay to Radcliffe Housing Society as your landlord for the right to live in your home. It covers the cost of maintaining & managing homes and goes towards new homes in the future. Service Charges cover the cost of general services you receive such as communal cleaning, lighting and environmental work.

When & How To Pay

Rent is due monthly on the 1st day of each month and must be paid in advance or your account will be in arrears. Rents are reviewed every 12 months based on Government guidelines while Service Charges are adjusted annually to reflect the actual cost to Radcliffe of providing services to you.

Standing Order

We encourage tenants to pay by standing order – download form here – or online transfer from your bank account. If you have a bank account you need only to instruct them once a year and the money is paid directly to us.

However you pay your rent you must quote your unique 8 digit payment reference number. You will find it on the top right hand side of your statement called “Pay Ref” or check with Radcliffe’s office to confirm it.

Our bank details are:

Bank: National Westminster Bank plc
Account Name: Radcliffe Housing Society General A/C
Sort Code: 60-19-02
Account number: 25841157

If you prefer, payment can be by debit or credit card securely over the telephone during office hours. Please note however that for credit card payments there is a charge for each transaction.

Online payments can be made through Santander Corporate Banking.

  1. Register at Santander Bill Payment
  2. Select Radcliffe Housing Society from the list of possible creditors
  3. Have your payment reference number

Giro Card

Payment can also be made by Giro card at any post office or other Billpay outlet. A payment card can be provided on request and usually take 2 weeks to arrive. Contact the office to ask for one.

Cheque Payments

Cheque payments are accepted but as cheques are being phased out we prefer you to pay by other ways. When paying by cheque please ensure your payment reference number, name and address are written on the back.

Housing Benefit & Universal Credit

If you are on a low income or receive benefits you may qualify for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

Housing Benefit

Housing benefit is paid direct by your local council to Radcliffe Housing Society as your landlord. You will need to apply to the Council and provide them with information about yourself, your family, your income and your rent. Once your application has been approved it will be reviewed every so often and the Council will ask you to let them know without delay of any changes in your circumstances. If the Council asks you to provide information please do so as soon as possible. Not providing information may lead to your claim being cancelled or delayed which will put your account into arrear.

Universal Credit

Some new benefit claimants are being awarded Universal Credit instead. This is paid directly to you monthly and you will be responsible for paying Radcliffe.

Rent Arrears

If you are unable to pay for any reason it is very important that you let your Housing Manager know straight away. Your Housing Manager can make arrangements to agree a payment plan with you so that the debt is cleared as soon as possible and also provide advice on benefits and other help available.

If however the arrears continue to increase and you do not make agreed arrangements to clear the debt this can result in legal action. Furthermore, being in arrears may prevent you from taking on credit or being considered for a move or exchange. If as a last resort a Court Order is awarded against you this may lead to your eviction and losing your home.

Please make sure you keep up regular payments and get in touch if you are having difficulties.

For further information, please contact us here.