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Noise, Nuisance & Anti-Social Behaviour

We take your safety and security very seriously.

Radcliffe Housing Society will take firm action in cases of proven nuisance, harassment and criminal behaviour. This is for your benefit and that of the area you live in. We will also take action to ensure our tenants can enjoy the use of their home without unreasonable interference from others.

What You Can Do

  • Make sure you keep to your tenancy, in particular ensuring noise is only created at reasonable times and levels, and that you show respect for your property, your environment and for other tenants;
  • Inform your Housing Manager, Independent Living Manager or the Radcliffe office of incidents that cause a nuisance. Make a note of the time, the date, what occurred and who was involved;
  • Contact the Police in case of serious incidents, 999 for an emergency, 101 for a non-emergency situation;
  • Contact your local authority about noise nuisance or fly tipping. Most councils have an out of hours services for noise nuisance, especially at weekends;
  • Check that the incident that is upsetting you is a nuisance. See the checklist further below.

What Radcliffe Can Do

  • Investigate the report you make. We have to make sure that all our tenants are treated fairly and that we establish the facts of the case. The more information we get and the more support you have from other tenants and/or the Police or the Council the clearer it will be;
  • Talk to the alleged perpetrator of the nuisance, advise them on their responsibilities and discuss their version of events;
  • Discuss serious incidents and allegations with the Police and the local authority and provide information for them to enforce where appropriate;
  • If the evidence and seriousness of the incidents support it, we can serve notice on tenants of ours and ultimately apply to the court for Possession of their home;
  • For both tenants and non-tenants of Radcliffe we may be able to obtain an injunction from the court ordering them to stop the behaviour that is unacceptable;
  • Keep you informed of what actions we can and cannot take to resolve the situation.

Not a Nuisance

The following are some examples of reports that Radcliffe DO NOT consider anti-social behaviour:

  • Noise or disturbance from children when they’re playing;
  • Family disputes;
  • Babies crying;
  • Smells from cooking;
  • Sounds of normal living that we can hear such as opening and closing of doors, going up and down stairs;
  • One-off parties such as BBQs, birthday or Christmas parties providing they don’t cause an unacceptable disturbance;
  • Clashes of lifestyle, including cultural differences;
  • Minor personal differences such as dirty looks or fall outs between children;
  • Putting rubbish out on the wrong day;
  • Parking in the wrong bay.
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