Board Membership

Tenant Board members are in an ideal position to help us make the right decisions about the direction of the Society. We have had tenant representation on the Board since 1992 and we strongly encourage tenants to apply for membership when vacancies arise.

Resident Scrutiny Panel

We want to strengthen our  relationship between Radcliffe Housing Society and our tenants.

Housing associations work hard to create a positive relationship with their tenants and residents, alongside aiming to provide safe, decent and affordable homes. We have a longstanding commitment to engaging with tenants, and there are many great examples of how you have helped shape our organisation.

However, we know we do not always get it right for everyone, and are not always as accountable as we should be to our tenants.

As part of our commitment to Together with Tenants, we will soon be offering applications to you to be a part of this initiative. This will give you a voice on assessing whether Radcliffe is meeting the expectations of our tenants and providing good value for money.

Tenant  Meetings

When there are important issues for all tenants to consider we may call an open meeting in your area. We regularly do this at our Independent Living Schemes at Lloyd House and St Andrews House, which are based in Bromley. We find the input from these meetings very valuable.

Consulting Tenants

We complete a comprehensive satisfaction survey each year to find out your views on the organisation.

We will consult you before carrying out major repair works and ask you for your views once they are complete. We will also consult you before changing the services we provide you with when that may have an impact on your service charge.

My Tenancy – Checking your Radcliffe information online

You can find out the situation with your rent balance, repair orders and the contact details we hold by logging into:

Customer Care

Radcliffe makes the following commitment to our tenants.

We train our staff to ensure they treat our tenants in a sensitive and appropriate way and hold staff to a high standard. We review the impact of the decisions we make to ensure that outcomes are fair and provide services that will support our tenants in high quality homes. We will take reports of harassment or discrimination very seriously, investigate and take any necessary action.

If you have any concerns that we may not have maintained the highest standards or have suggestions as to how we can improve please let us know.

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Health & Safety Policy

Radcliffe Housing Society has responsibilities as an employer to provide a safe and healthy work place and environment for its employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

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Privacy Notice - 2019

Radcliffe Housing Society Ltd is a Registered Social Landlord and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Controller under the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

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