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Here at Radcliffe Housing Society we are  committed to our core purpose, to be leaders in providing high quality Social Housing and Independent Living  for older people of modest means, a commitment which year on year has led to our  residents benefiting from properties that meet their needs.

We are proud of our commitment, quality and efficiency of the services we deliver to our tenants and as a not for profit organisation we ensure our tenants are at the forefront of our strategic ambitions. Our resident satisfaction continues to increase year on year as we strive to deliver the best possible services and I am delighted to say we are in a strong position to continue to do so.

Our Vision

To create sustainable communities, where people want to live

Our Mission 

To develop services around customer needs 

  • Provide support to our most vulnerable tenants and assist them to sustain their tenancies wherever possible
  • Develop more self-service opportunities for tenants
  • Become a customer centric organisation, to keep the customer lifetime values at the heart of all we do

To invest in our existing homes 

  • Drive efficiencies and maximising surplus
  • Reinvest all our surplus back into the business to help us achieve our vision of creating sustainable communities
  • Ensure all homes are well – maintained, safe and energy efficient

To grow the organisation 

  • Build new homes to ease housing pressures
  • Pursue business opportunities through transfer and acquisition
  • Maintain our strong financial and performance position, balancing cost and benefit