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Your Rent Explained

Rent is the money you pay to Radcliffe Housing Society as your landlord for the right to live in your home. It covers the cost of maintaining & managing homes and goes towards new homes in the future. Service Charges cover the cost of general services you receive such as communal cleaning, lighting and environmental work.

When & How To Pay

Rent is due monthly on the 1st day of each month and must be paid in advance or your account will be in arrears. Rents are reviewed every 12 months based on Government guidelines while Service Charges are adjusted annually to reflect the actual cost to Radcliffe of providing services to you.

Help and Support

If you do not pay your rent you could lose your home so it is important that you contact us for advice as soon as you need it.

If you need help with budgeting or dealing with debts, please give us a call on 01732 459144

How do I pay my rent?

Although we offer several ways that you can pay your rent, we strongly encourage all our tenants to pay by direct debit.

Direct Debit

Setting up a Direct Debit is the easiest, most convenient and effective way for you to pay your rent. You choose the payment dates and frequency to suit eg. weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Call us on 01732 459144 to set up your Direct Debit.

Note: You need a bank account or similar that will allow direct debit payments to be taken from it. To save time when you call please have your account details to hand.

Pay your rent by Standing Order

You can arrange to pay by standing order, you will give the bank an instruction to pay an exact amount to another account regularly.

Using the Allpay app

If you have a smartphone, you can pay your rent using the free Allpay app. The app is available to download free of charge from the Apple App store and Google Play. The Allpay App is free to use, but some network operators may charge for some services such as downloading or using the App, so please check with them.

Our bank details are:

Bank: National Westminster Bank plc
Account Name: Radcliffe Housing Society General A/C
Sort Code: 60-19-02
Account number: 25841157

Online payments can be made through All Payments Website.
  1. Register at All Payments Website
  2. Select Radcliffe Housing Society from the list of possible creditors
  3. Have your payment reference number

Can I claim Housing Benefit?

If you are a tenant on a low income and not on Universal Credit, you can claim Housing Benefit from your local council towards the cost of your rent. The payment may also include some extra money for other things you have to pay for, such as service charges for cleaning shared areas.

How much will I receive in benefits?

The amount of benefit you receive will depend on a number of different things, including how much you earn and how many people live in your home.

  • What money you and your partner have coming in, including earnings, some benefits and tax credits and things like occupational pensions.
  • Your savings and your partners savings.
  • Your circumstances, such as your age, the age and size of your family, whether you or any of your family is disabled, and whether anyone who lives with you could help with the rent.
  • Whether the amount of rent and size of your home are reasonable.

When should I make a claim?

If you delay, you may lose benefit. You can make your claim up to 13 weeks before becoming entitled to Housing Benefit, although you will not usually receive any money before you move in.

How do I claim Housing Benefit?

If you claim Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance, you will get a form to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit with your claim pack. It is important you make a separate claim for both. Jobcentre Plus will not do it on your behalf.

What will happen to my Housing Benefit if I move?

Moving to a new address, or a change in your circumstances, may also mean a change in your entitlement to Housing Benefit. Tell your local council straight away.

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