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Our Tenancy Services Officer and Independent Living Officer are the main contacts for tenants who have tenancy and rent enquiries.

We can visit tenants at home by appointment and aim to visit each property every year. Anything that you raise with the Tenancy Services Officer and the Independent Living Officer will be treated as confidential and we will only share it with other agencies with your consent.

Find information on some of the most common enquiries below:

Rubbish & Recycling

Please make sure you put any items you are getting rid of in the bins provided. If you have larger items to be removed your local council will have a scheme that you can use. Dumping items or rubbish is a breach of tenancy and could result in financial penalties. If you see someone else doing this, please let us know.

Your rubbish, including that from communal bin stores, is removed by your local council. If a collection is missed the most effective way to report it is directly to them. Please click here for links to local authority websites.

Car Parking

Car parking spaces are sometimes provided outside blocks of flats or on estates, for the use of tenants and their visitors. Spaces are not usually allocated to individual tenants. Car parking areas should not be used to carry out extensive repairs to vehicles or to cause a nuisance to other tenants.

We do not allow cars to be parked on our estates if they are untaxed or un-roadworthy. Our normal procedure is to serve Notice on the car and then after 14 days through a contractor, arrange for its removal.

There are car parking ticket schemes in operation at selected schemes which are publicised through signs. Tenants are issued with permits which must be clearly displayed.

Communal Areas

Tenants who live in blocks of flats usually share halls and stairways and sometimes other communal areas and gardens. Radcliffe arranges for contractors to clean shared areas and to maintain communal gardens. Tenants usually pay for this in their service charge.

Please do not leave any items in the communal corridors or stairways. This is a fire risk and such items will be removed.

Television Aerials

All blocks of flats have communal television aerial systems to receive digital signals. Tenants can choose additional channels that are not free to view by subscribing to satellite channels. There is a single satellite reception dish at each block and every flat has a single master socket in the living room.

This information relates only to blocks of flats. Most houses have individual aerials and are not covered by a service agreement.

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Privacy Notice

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